The Sociological Guerilla

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Going on a vacation

Me and my family have booked a vacation to France that's going to be awesome. I've never been in France before so I'm really looking forward to this one I have to say! We've got some things planned that we're going to do while we're there that you have to do. We're of course going to visit Paris as well but we don't live there. We live a bit outside of the capital and I think that it's going to be great. I don't think that you want to live in the middle of the big city because you ...

To the dentist

I must not forget to tell the teachers that the children will be late on Wednesday. We have an appointment at the dentist at 9 am. Normally I would not like to do such appointments during school time. But the dentist only works during the school times. She has children of her own and when the children are done with their school she goes home to take care for them. She could apply for daycare at school after the normal school hours but like me she wants to take care of her children herself. But I think it won't be ...